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About Us

Welcome to Gaya's Secret's, a Canadian company dedicated to bringing you the best in natural cosmetics and beauty supplies. We're pushing the boundaries of the beauty industry to give you organic products that actually work because we love natural beauty as much as you do.  


Our Story  

Several years ago I set out on a personal journey towards healthy living. After changing my diet (the best skincare treatment starts from within) to primarily non processed foods I set out to replace my beauty products with all natural alternatives that had proven results.  As the founder of Gaya's Secrets, I am proud to bring you only the very best, and know you will love the results. 


Our Products  

Each of our all-natural beauty products is a carefully crafted recipe of organic, healthy ingredients chosen for their effectiveness and strength. We choose top quality products with the best and freshest ingredients to offer you a range of beauty supplies like organic lotions, creams, and cosmetics made from the fruits (and vegetables) of nature. Most importantly, we do our research to choose the best, clinically proven, cosmetics and lotions available, so that you know they work. Want to know what's in it? Just check the label. We provide a full list of ingredients with every product for your peace of mind.   




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