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Makeup - Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation - Clove Shade (10.5g)

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Clove - for those with dark complexions with warm undertones.

If you haven't tried all eight colors yet, we recommend starting with a sample kit to find your match here

What is Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation?

This makeup was created for people who want to give their complexion the perfect finish without compromising the health of their skin. Our Multi-Purpose Foundation is a non-toxic way to tint your existing skin care routine. Our natural minerals allow you to create a liquid or dry foundation with the coverage you need — from a tinted glow to a flawless finish.

Our mineral powders easily mix together so you can customize your own unique color blend, adjust with the seasons, or create unique looks. Use them dry or choose the facial oil (or cream, or serum) and Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation color or blend that suits your skin best. This unique product has been created to give you the coverage you want. For a deep foundation use a little more powder, and for a lighter finish simply use less powder. 

These 100% pure mineral powders come from the Earth and contain no additives. 

How To Use:

Three easy steps for a liquid foundation:

  1. Tap a small, pea-sized amount of Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation into the palm of your hand.

  2. Add your favorite facial oil or serum and mix together. 

  3. Apply to your face using your fingers or a foundation brush until blended in. This method is great for those who like their foundation with a dewy finish.

For a matte finish, follow these three steps:

  1. After moisturizing your face, tap a small amount of Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation into a small dish or the palm of your hand.

  2. Dip your brush into the powder, tap it on its side, then apply the powder to your skin in circular strokes.

  3. Create that smooth finish with your fingertips, a makeup sponge or brush. 

Additional tips:

  1. Add to Anti-Aging Eye Cream to reflect light and diminish the appearance of dark circles.

  2. To use as a highlighter, lowlighter, shadow, or bronzer -- tip a small amount of powder into palm. Apply with appropriate brush and blend.

  3. For more information and to see our instructional video on how to use Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation, click here

For more information about this product, click here.

Made With:

Iron oxide, mica, titanium dioxide.



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