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Jade Stone Roller

$63.99 CAD

Benefits: Soothe. Sculpt. Radiate.

Suitable For: All Skin Types


The Annmarie Skin Care signature Jade Stone Roller is made with an ethically-sourced jade, a timeless stone that has been formed into facial tools for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Topically, it has been shown to calm skin while delivering anti-aging effects, like reducing the appearance of wrinkles for a smooth, flawless complexion.

Our intention behind adding these tools to our line is to promote holistic skin care, beyond just product. While skin elixirs are no doubt our specialty, we recognize the value in taking care of our skin in a myriad of ways. Simply setting aside time for a more thorough and mindful skin care routine is an all-too-often forgotten key to beautiful skin.

Like with all our products, we take the sourcing and creation of what we sell seriously. It’s our way of ensuring that fair and sustainable practices are used from start to finish—and so you can rest assured that you are making a planet and people-friendly purchase.


Use this tool after cleansing and toning. Simply apply your preferred facial oil and roll the larger end of the tool from the middle of the face outwards across the cheeks. Next, roll upwards from eyebrows to forehead, and then from chin to upper jaw line. For delicate and hard-to-reach areas, use the smaller end of the tool.


Atip when it comes to our timeless beautifying tool? Give it a few days.

That’s all, beauty. The history of jade is a vast terrain that involves faraway lands—but you don’t necessarily need to know that backstory when it comes to your first rolls.

Go ahead and apply your favorite facial oil and then glide away: it only takes a few upward strokes to notice the immediate uplift it has on skin and spirit, cool and soothed. Do you notice the way it eases the look of puffy eyes in the morning? The way it helps to release tension after a long Monday of squinting at an iPhone, or frowning at Friday rush hour?

There are plenty of reasons why this precious stone has supported radiance and wellness for centuries—so long as it’s authentic. That’s the secret. And because our signature Jade Stone Roller is embedded with real nephrite that we sourced from a small family at the epicenter of where this precious mineral is found, you can rest easy. There is no better bridge than the one that connects peace of mind with tangible, anti-aging benefits—for now and for good.

Naturally, the modern-day search for a true cut of this venerable gem proved tricky. We traveled across the globe to the Xiuyan County of Liaoning Province in China, where Xiuyan jade has originated for millennia. There were rich lusters to choose from and well-intentioned imitators to turn down.

That degree of purity goes hand-in-hand with quality, too. Our signature Jade Stone Roller is more than a product to us—it’s an heirloom. Lofty? Perhaps. But durability was our crowning intention, beyond just creating a gadget that could deepen your ritual and heighten your regimen. Try it with serums, moisturizers, eye creams—let it increase the absorbability and longevity of your skin care. Let it help you steal back those priceless moments alone when it’s just you and your gorgeous reflection. Then roll and repeat, beauty.


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