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Purifying mud mask (50 ml)

$63.00 CAD

Firm and tighten the look of your skin naturally with this powder-to-paste clay mask. Rhassoul clay, exclusive to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, is rich in the minerals silica and magnesium. Chlorella algae provide phytonutrients, while rose clay absorbs excess oil. Each use will leave your skin feeling renewed and fresh.

Key Ingredients:

Rose Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Chlorella Algae


  • Cleanses
  • Balances
  • Re-mineralizes

    Suitable For:

    • All Skin Types

      For Best Results:

      In a small dish, mix 1 teaspoon of powder with a few drops of water to form a smooth paste. Apply generously to clean face, avoiding eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes or until completely dry. Rinse. Pat face dry. Follow with toner, serum and moisturizer. For oily skin, use once or twice a week. For dry skin, use every 2 weeks.


      Made With:

      *Rose clay, *Moroccan rhassoul clay, *chlorella algae.

      *Organically grown or wildcrafted


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