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Gua Sha Lifting Tool

$46.75 CAD

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique known to promote radiance and ease facial tension. Handcrafted with true Xiuyan jade, our Gua Sha Lifting Tool is designed to beautify the look of skin, contour your features, and relieve negative energy. Each natural stone is unique and varies in pattern and color.

Benefits: Contour. Awaken. Glow.

Suitable For: All Skin Types



  1. After cleansing, mist your face with your preferred toner and then apply a generous amount of your preferred facial oil.
  2. Take the tool and start along your neckline, gliding up to your jaw.
  3. Next, moving along your jawline, sweep your tool gently upwards until it reaches your earlobes. Then sweep the tool from the sides of your lip towards your cheekbone.
  4. Use the curved end of the tool for delicate areas near your eyes and brow starting at the inner part of your face moving the tool outwards.
  5. Finish by focusing on your third eye and sweep the tool upwards to your hairline.
  6. Repeat each step 3-5 times, and remember to perform the same steps for both sides of your face and neck.


Picture your next vacation. You’re knee-deep in the Atlantic, the sand between your toes. You’re happily holding hands with a loved one as the breeze whistles through your hair…

The skies are blue, the water bluer. You weave through sand castles on the way back to your beach chair. The heat seems to hum. You’ve donned a straw hat and put your iPhone on airplane mode. No feeds, no emails. You aren’t here to scroll—you’re here to catch up on paperbacks and stroll the coast, collecting sand dollars along the way. And when you venture back indoors—sun-drunk and guddy—the Gua Sha Lifting Tool awaits.

Your freeze on your reflection. See that new line stenciled across your skin? Can that be? No matter. If there’s any mindset this DIY technique promotes, it’s positivity… all while fostering skin that is plumped, strengthened, and soothed. You apply a facial oil to offset the sun’s drying ways, then grab your tool. You set an intention, smize with delight, and glide up to the heavens.

That upward motion just feels right. It revives your boundless spirit, especially if life’s hum-drum moments get you down. The simple act of sweeping from your third eye to your hairline—or from chin to ear lobes—is an exercise in self-preservation (and beautification). A few strokes of the Gua Sha Lifting Tool combine pressure and stretch, each key in relieving tension and revealing radiance. It’s like hitting the refresh button, in a deep and decidedly analog way. You’re connected now. Not digitally, but with yourself.

Oh, and you can even store the tool in the fridge overnight for your morning regimen. It’ll remind you that you don’t the quick fix, the pricey procedures. Who knew that a little bit of facial gliding could lessen the appearance of puffy eyes and inflamed skin over time… all while taming the look of aging skin? We knew. And now you do too. The only paradise that compares to turquoise waters—did you forget you’re by the sea?—is a cool dose of pure jade.

Rest assured, the stone quality of the Gua Sha Lifting Tool is unparalleled. We sourced ours from the Xiuyan County of Liaoning Province in China, where Xiuyan jade has originated for millennia. It’s a form of nourishing nephrite so authentic and sustainably sourced that we were able to grace each of our handheld tools with it. If your skin care harnesses the very best of nature, then your accessories should too. You’re a living sculpture, after all.

What now, then? Get back to the shoreline. Take a deep breath and hold it. Then dive in.



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